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One Piece of Paper at a Time

One Piece of Paper at a Time chronicles the first ten years of Paper for Water, a non-profit that aims to end the global water crisis and gives a behind-the-scenes perspective into the organization’s transformation over the years. Through origami ornament proceeds and supportive donations, Paper for Water transforms lives by bringing water and the Word to the thirsty one piece of paper at a time.

The Adams sisters demonstrate how a service-based heart spurs radical transformation and positively impacts the world. Isabelle and Katherine, who began Paper for Water at ages 8 and 5 and serve as co-CEOs, share how their simple idea journeyed to the present day, raising millions of dollars and impacting communities in 20 countries. Page by page, fold by fold, the reader discovers how Paper for Water has provided hundreds of clean water projects while uncovering the insights learned along the way and how their small actions led to larger, significant events over time. One Piece of Paper at a Time showcases that while it may not always be easy to build something, great change initiates one person, one idea, one piece of paper at a time – no matter how old you are.

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