Help bring clean water to the Emenwa School in Kenya!

Help us transform the lives of 732 students at Emenwa Primary and Secondary School in Kisii County, Kenya. Your support can make a world of difference by providing essential clean water and sanitation facilities, empowering these children to thrive in health, education, and opportunity.



Emenwa Primary and Secondary School stands as a sign of hope for hundreds of children, yet it faces a substantial challenge: the absence of clean water and adequate sanitation. Imagine the daily struggle of 732 students striving to learn and grow without the most basic of necessities. For them, the lack of clean water isn't just an inconvenience; it's a serious threat to their health, education and future. Together, we can change this by rewriting this story and ensure a brighter, healthier future for Emenwa Primary and Secondary School and their community.

The project

Our goal is clear: to raise $48,088.62 and build new water wells at Emenwa Primary and Secondary School, that will provide a lifeline of clean, safe water to nourish young minds and bodies.Clean water is more than just a resource; it's a catalyst for transformation. It means healthier lives, more time for learning and play, and brighter futures for these children.

Building this water project consists of:

  •  Borehole drilling and development (estimated depth 200m);
  •  Borehole equipping with solar hybrid submersible pump;
  •  Elevated 6m high steel tower with 10,000 litres plastic tank and water extension lines to the water points;
  •  Standard iron roofed water vending kiosk to serve the surrounding community and market;
  •  Watering point/handwashing point at the schools;
  •  Hygiene and Sanitation promotional trainings;
  •  Church and Community Mobilization activities;
  •  Community engagement and operations and maintenance (O&M) trainings.

Your support makes a difference. Every donation brings us closer to our goal of building new water wells in this Kenyan community. Join us in providing Emenwa Primary and Secondary School with the gift of clean water and a brighter tomorrow. If you are interested in joining our Emenwa Project committee to help plan future events please email [email protected]


  •  Goal: Raise $48,088.62 to build new water wells at Emenwa Primary and Secondary School;
  •  Impact: Provide clean water and sanitation facilities for 732 students in Kisii County, Kenya;
  •  Purpose: Empower children to focus on education and future opportunities;
  •  Importance: Clean water is essential for health, education, and economic development;
  •  Benefit: Access to clean water means healthier lives and more time for school and play;
  •  How to Help: Every donation counts; join us in bringing hope and transformation to this community.