Well of the Month Club

Help us build at least one well a month! We need 500 caring people to give monthly donations of at least $10. If you are willing to help provide clean water to children and families around the globe, please click the payment information button and join the Paper for Water family.


Paper for water ways to give well of the month club

The Impact

By joining our team of world changers, volunteers and donors can cause a true impact in the lives of many people who do not have any access to clean, drinkable water. In partnership with Kleenex, Paper for Water was able to bring running water to a community in New Mexico and many other families.

The Gift of Water

Two young girls put their hearts into creating origami paper art to raise money for families in need of running water. Has one of your passions ever helped others? #ShareKleenexCare

Posted by Kleenex on Thursday, April 7, 2016


The origami we have folded; the clean water we have provided; the smiles we have shared; the journey we have traveled; the friends we have made are forever engraved on our hearts.