Zoe 01


Age 14 | Chicago / Illinois

Zoe is a lifestyle print model, as well as a commercial, television, and voice-over actress. Just recently Zoe found her love for the entertainment industry. Over the last three years, she has been presented with the opportunity to play Alison in the theater play "The Mars Assignment" and could be seen thousands of times in her national commercial for Payless Shoes. In her quiet time, she also enjoys reading books on Greek, Norse, and Egyptian Mythology; freehand drawing; origami; and swimming. She has an enormous love for music and plays the French horn in her school's band, as well as piano and ukelele as side instruments. 

When Zoe is not homing her craft and maintaining her academic honors status, she enjoys being of help to others in need. Paper for Water gives her the opportunity to utilize the industry to encourage others to give donations and/or their time. Each beautiful ornament sold brings joy to the recipient, while helping to provide the possibility of clean water. It's a win-win!