Sophia 01


Age 16 | Chicago / Illinois

Attended acting schools, numerous print ads, magazine covers and numerous times within the magazines. 

Co-started a program called Humanitarians 4 Hope, Sophia and her friend, two 12-year-old girls donated 150 bags of hope for the homeless by raising money and receiving donations. Then walked the streets of Chicago to deliver the bags of hope. donated numerous stuffed animals to a local orphanage in the Chicagoland area. Received and donated clothing for her mentors Liberian humanitarian trip. 

Miss Worldwide Jr Teen USA for Live Out Loud Charity. This charity raises awareness for suicide prevention, anti-bullying and core character development and Sophia has spoken at many events on her platform. Such as during fashion shows and her grade school. 

Sophia loves to compete with her trampoline team and looking forward to attending the state competition.